Friday, November 20, 2015

Book Blogger Hop!

Book Blogger Hop

                                     hosted by: Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I want to share with you the question of the week. Feel free to share your answer in the comment section leaving a comment or a link to your blog :)

The question is:

Do you read every day? If so, do you have a "page goal"?

My answer: 

Yes, I do.  I love reading and I try to read as much as I can every day. I don't have a page goal because, I think, that if I had one, I would feel a lot pression meeting that goal and I wouldn't enjoy my book.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Book Blogger Hop!

Book Blogger Hop

                                     hosted by: Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I want to share with you the question of the week. Feel free to answer in the comment section below or just let me your link to your blog. Thanks! :)

The question is: 

How long does it normally take you to read a book?

My anwer:

Well, it depens on the size the book and the language I'm reading it, but normally it takes me a week more or less to be able to finish a book.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Book Blogger Hop!

Book Blogger Hop

                                     hosted by: Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

Hi everyone!!! :)

Today I want to share with you the question of the week:

As you are reading a book, do you take notes for your reviews, write your reviews as you read, or something totally different? 

My answer:

Yes, I try to take notes while I'm reading the book because it's a good way to remember all my feelings and my thoughts about the book, although, I have to say, that many times I don't use all the notes I have written. Sometimes I read the book very quickly (a children book normally) and i don't have paper with me, so I try to write the review as quickly as possible so I don't forget what I have thought about the book.

As usual, don't forget let me your links/comments in the comment section :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November TBR

Hi everyone!!! :)

I hope you're well.

Today I want to share with you the books I have decided to read this month. This month I didn't know what to read. I just come back to Spain and I wasn't sure what to read next. Thanks a trip to the library, now I have 1000 books that I really want to read, but I am going to show the 6 books I think I'm going to read or at least the ones I'm more excited about.


Lady Susan by Jane Austen. This book is about a woman who likes manipulating people. I have never thought to read this book because, I think, it is incomplete, but I saw a booktuber talking about it and I decided to borrow from the library. So far, I really liked it and I hope to finish soon.


Biblioholism by Tom Raabe. This book is about book lovers and their book buying problem (I don't relate at all ;) ;)) It's told in a funny way and I really liked it, but undfortunately I have problems with the vocabulary and I'm not enjoying it as much as I expected.


Dealing with dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. This book is about a princess that she doesn't like the life her parents have decided for her, so she runs away from the castle. Fantasy is not a genre that I normally pick up, but this book seems to me a fun read, so I have decided to buy it (because I couldn't find it in my library) and see if I like it. I have already started reading it and I like it so far.


Under the duvet by Marian Keyes. This book is a compilation of essays. I think they are funny although I haven't had the chance to read it yet.


La felicicidad es un té contigo (The happiness is a tea with you) by Mamen Sánchez. This book is about a man who is trying to find his son. He is the owner of several magazines and he sends his son to Spain to close a magazine in Madrid because it is not giving him benefits. The son arrives, but then he disappears. I have already started it, but I put it aside to read other books, so now I have to re-read some parts because I don't remember what has happened. 


El arte de no amargarse la vida (The art of not embitter your life) by Rafael Santandreu. This is a psychological book about life and about trying not to worry or feel scared about the things that surround us. I really like this author, I have read another book by him and I listen to him in conferences and he helps me a lot. I hope this book helps me too.

I want to read more books, but I think if I am able to read 6 books, if I am able to read all these books and I like them, I will be happy.

Feel free to share with me the books you want to read this month. I hope you have a great time reading your goodies :)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review: Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

Hi everyone!!! :)

I hope you're well.

Today I want to share with you my thoughts about this book:


In Daily Rituals by Mason Currey you will find the daily routine of writers, artist and composers such as Patricia Highsmith, Picasso or Simone de Beauvoir among others. You'll see what these artists do the whole day, what routine has decided to appy to their lives, and how successful it is. 

My Thoughts:

I really wanted to read this book for a long time and when I could borrow from the library I was really excited about it. For months I wanted to know what artists did the whole day, how they did things, how they sticked to routine, etc. 

Once I started reading, I fell in love with the book because in it you could see clearly what the artists did from the morning until night. Sometimes it was explained in a short way (1 page long), sometimes you could read a routine with more detail (3 pages), but normally the routines were short. I really liked knowing how people I admired did the whole day and, if I liked them, I could even try their routines myself. Cool huh?

But, there were some things that started bothering me. The first one was I didn't know how the book was built. It wasn't chronologically, it wasn't built based on how famous an artist was, so I still don't know why the author decided to put these artists in this particular order. (If you know, please let me know). The second thing that started bothering me was the fact that I didn't know the majority of these people and it was a pity because I would enjoy the book way more if I had known them before reading the book. Sometimes I checked who they were, but even knowing that they were painters or composers didn't make me more excited about them.

In the end, I felt that there were too many routines (once you have read 20 you are tired of reading routines) and most importantly that there were a lacking in women. I was surprised that I couldn't find more women. Why was that? Was it because the author couldn't find their routines or he wasn't interesting in artist women?

Overall, I liked this book. I felt really interesting specially when you saw how people who were performing the same art had totally different routines and they had success in their field. 

I gave it *** starts

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to read more books

Hi everyone!!! :)

I hope you're having a great day! 

Today I want to share with you some tips that can help you to read more books.

  • Pick short books. This year I was in the mood of reading short books, I don't know why, just happened. It was an interesting experience because, if you're like me, a slow reader, you feel accomplished and happy to add another book to your goodreads account. Graphic novel also can help you here :)
  • Spare time to read books. Instead of watching that really bad movie, why don't you pick up the book you want to read since, well, forever? 
  • Read books you really want to read. Sometimes I pick up a book thinking that I'm going to love, but I don't. Instead of putting aside, I try to read at least a little bit more and I struggle. I have read 5 pages, but they feel like 50. That is the moment to stop and pick another book. You will see the difference because if you're reading a book you really want to read, you're reading so fast that you can't believe you've read 50, 100, 300 pages. AWESOME! :)
  • Focus in one book. Just read one book and not let other books distracted.
  • Or focus in several books at the same time. Because if you're like me, sometimes you need a break from the book you're reading at that moment. I love you Lizzi and Mr Darcy, but now I want to know how Sherlock is going to solve this case.
(I do both. Sometimes I read only one book because I feel otherwise I'm going to start a lot of books and not finish anything, and other times what helps me a lot it's reading 2 or 3 books at the same time, so I can take breaks. Do what is best for you. No rules here.) 

  • Take a book always with you. I don't do this anymore because I have back problems, but i have to say that works perfectly when you want to read more. You're wasting time waiting in a queue, just take out your book. Read in the bus, at the doctor's office, in the destist's office, in a queue. If you do this, you will see you're reading more without noticing and having fun while you have to wait.

 I hope these tips have helped you to read more. Let me know in the comment if they helped you. 


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween recommendations

Hi everyone!!! :)

I hope you are well.

Today I want to share with you some books that, I think, are perfect for Halloween.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman. This book is about a girl who finds an alternative world where she has another father and another mother. It's a place where she can do whatever she wants and her parents pay attention to her, something that doesn't happen in the other world. What will she do? Pick up her world or the alternative world? This book gave me the creeps. The book contains some illustrations that they are really creepy. There is also a movie, but isn't as scary as the book.


Any book by Agatha Christie is perfect for this time of the year, but one book that disturbed me a bit and I think it's a good book is:The body in the library. The book is about, well, about a body who is found in a library. Nobody knows who this girl is and what she was doing in the library. As always, you suspect everybody and in the end you're susprised because you didn't expect that the book ended in that way, or at least, that was what happened to me.


Flowers in the attic by V.C. Andrews. This book is about the perfect family. They are great together. The father and the mother and their 4 children: 2 boys and 2 girls. Then the father dies and everything starts going wrong. The mother decides that she can't live that way anymore so they have to go to her mother's house. When they arrive there, the children are locked up in the attic and they can't get out. Yes! This book is creepy. I liked it when I read it and I also watched the film based on the book and I liked it too, but I couldn't carry on with the series. Too twisted for my taste, but I think the book is good and it's perfect for Halloween.


Through the woods by Emily Carroll. This book is a compilation of stories. I think they are more strange than creepy and sometimes I felt that the story was incomplete, but I think they have a halo of mysterious that make them perfect for Halloween.


The witch's handbook by Malcolm Bird. I think this book is definitely a great pick for Halloween. It supposes to be for children (or at least I read it when I was a child and I really enjoyed it very much) but I think adults would enjoy it too. It's about how witches are, what they do, where they live, etc. I remember that it includes some recipes that you can make that are great for a Halloween party. 
Here's one:


The witches by Roald Dahl. Another book for children that I really enjoyed when I was a child. This book is about a child who discovers that witches REALLY EXIST! and what happens to him after that. I really liked it and I recommend it as the perfect Halloween Read.There is also a movie based on the book. Both, the book and the movie, are great and they have also different ending. What is curious is the fact that I liked both endings.
I have to say that the movie and the book are really creepy and children that are less than 12 could have nightmares if they read the book or watch the film. I think I was 11 or 12 when I read the book and watched the film.

I hope you like this list and let me know if you have found here your next read :)